The #1 Hands Down Reason Why Online Dating Beats Blind Dating

It’s Not Why You Would Think!

Or, Maybe it is…Here’s the Situation
Almost everyone knows what it feels like to be on a blind date. Most all of us have been to the point where their usual dating tactics just weren’t working for them for some reason or another and they needed a new direction to go in. So, we turned to our friends for help. And what do they get us? A perfectly good blind date.

What’s Wrong With this Picture?
Imagine this scene… You accept the date because your friend has so graciously stuck his head and neck out for you to get someone to go out with you for a night. You get on with your life wondering if the person really is perfect for you, as your friend described. Then the night looms near.. Then it happens. Just as you thought it would. A perfectly good blind date… From hell.

Here’s what happened- the two of you are in a restaurant and you haven’t even ordered dinner yet, but you are already wondering if you should dip out now, or if you should give your date the benefit of the doubt, as the drinks just came and you already know it’s doomed. You were hoping for a romantic dinner in one of the nicer places in town, after all that’s what a good first date consists of, right? But, what you actually got was a dinner consisting of french fries and onion blooms as the veggies and peanuts and chips for the protein and dessert, as you wound up in a sports bar, and not one of the nicer ones, either.

The scene kind of reminds you of something out of candid camera; there is no possible way anyone in the world would consider this as a good first date, could they? Especially considering it is a blind date, you would think they would give a bit more of themselves, right? To try and make themselves look good? Yeah, of course you would think this, but then again, that is the problem with blind dates, you never know what to expect. And if a friend recommended the person to you, you feel obliged to deal with it for the night, even though you would much rather be sitting in a water torture camp, next in line to be tortured.

The Date that Should Have Been
So, online dating is just the same right? Well, not really. Of course, when you talk to a person at first, you don’t really know them, but you at least have some idea as to what they are about before you go off with them. With blind dates, you really have no idea as to what you are getting into when you accept the date. But with online dating, before you actually accept a first date, you already know their name, where they live and what they are about, for the most part. And you even know if you will be compatible together, considering you have access to their profile and, more than likely, if you have been chatting for a while, they have told you even more than what is on the profile.

The thing that is so great about online dating as compared to blind dating is, because you pick the person, you will never be stuck in a situation like described above. A situation like that is just not possible with online dating because you know everything beforehand and, you know what you are getting into. With a blind date, you are lucky you even know their name, right? And always, before the first date even happens, you agree on the place the date will take place, meaning no surprises or disappointment when the date night arrives.

I Just Can’t Explain This-Can You?
So why, then, are there those people who actually prefer the blind date over the online date? Who knows. honestly, I have no idea why. There really is no benefit for a blind date. In fact, there is really no need for them anymore, as there once was. In the past, blind dates were had because there was no other alternative. In the past when blind dating was thought of, there was no online dating to choose from. So, it became just another way of meeting people.

Then when online dating came along, and when it got popular, things began to change. People realized they would have more choice of who they can be with and the dates they go on. They no longer had to rely on the word of a friend for a date, so things started going smoother for them. But even to this day, there are those people who still prefer a blond date as opposed to any other form of dating. I don’t know, maybe it’s the excitement, or maybe they are afraid of technology and they don’t want to take the chance. What I do know is, and I think I speak for most of the dating world when I say this-It is better to know what you are getting into, rather than guessing and maybe becoming the next serial killer’s meal for the night~JC Torpey

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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