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Things to Never Tell Your Girlfriend

No Matter What the Situation!

Open & Honest Is Not Always the Key
When you are dating someone it is easy to become very comfortable with being around them. However, it is a little too easy to become a little too comfortable. Once this happens, a guy will start saying or doing things that will turn the slightest wrong words into the biggest argument. Because relationships are based on more than just words, and honesty is as important as trust, being too honest can be a man’s biggest downfall.

Just because you are in love, it does not mean that you can just come out and say the first thing that is on your mind. You still have to filter your words, no matter what she says about being honest. There are just some things that you must lie about to keep the peace with your girlfriend, if you ever expect her to become your wife.

The Weight Issue
It is no secret that when two people become comfortable within a relationship that they start gaining weight. Nevertheless, it does not mean you should tell her that you have noticed. In addition, never tell her that she is getting fat. Never tell her that you think she looks like she might be gaining any kind of weight. This could throw her into an unstable emotional state.

Think about this… Guys look at thin women, right? Well, if you talk to her about the weight she is gaining, it might make her think you don’t want to look at her anymore. She will see in her mind that you look at all these perfect women but are telling her she is gaining weight. How do you think it will make her feel?

Forget Your Mother…
…So to speak. Never, ever get into a position to have to say that your mother would have done something different, let alone better. While being a “Mama’s boy” is acceptable these days, it is still too much to tell your girlfriend that your mother is constantly on your mind, let alone how she would do something. This tells your girlfriend that you are thinking about your mother when you should be thinking of her instead. Feel free to make suggestions about doing something a specific way, but do not, under any circumstances, tell her it was your mother’s way of doing things.

Never Criticize
No matter how bad she might mess something up, never criticize her for messing it up. If you are in a situation where something needs to be said, do so but do it in a way that will show her you are just “suggesting’ she do it. Not only will she see you trying to be helpful, but she will not see you not appreciating her.

Keep Family Secrets
Just because your family does not like her or doesn’t get along with her, it doesn’t mean you are obligated to let your girlfriend know. Some family secrets are meant to be kept a secret. Most often is the case that a family might not like your girlfriend at first because they feel she is taking you away from them. However, if the relationship continues long enough, she will grow on them. So is it really necessary to make her feel so insecure about your family needlessly? I didn’t think so.

Just because a relationship is supposed to be open and honest doesn’t mean that a little bit if secrecy will kill it. There are some things that are better off kept as secrets, lest you want a relationship filled with insecurity, doubt and trust issues. If you can keep your lips sealed at the right time, every time then you are sure to have a happy life together.

~JC Torpey

3 responses to “Things to Never Tell Your Girlfriend”

  1. Aplus Avatar

    I beleive in honesty again, I would rather want to know the truth and not have to wonder about things.

  2. Datematchmade Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this information, this article has extremely good points. I think if you are honest with your girlfriend the relationship will be strong, after all relationships should be based on trust and mutual respect this is how you create a bond for one another. Looking forward in reading more of your posts thanks again.

  3. Emma Avatar

    I think everyone should be completely honest. The hard part is to think of the

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