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Top 3 Lies American Women Tell Their Men

Let the truth be Told!

What do You Mean Women Lie Too?
When American women date, they are prone to the same relationship follies any man is. That means that women have the capability of telling the same lies men are. Yes, I know, I am constantly telling the story from the other perspective, telling people why men are so bad and why they lie all the time. However, women are just as devious, or just as thoughtful as men are. So then, why should my writing target one sex and not the other?

The Reasoning Behind it…
Trust issues are present in any relationship, but more so in some rather than others. However, there are universal lies that women tell men to make things seem better or make men feel better about their relationship or even about themselves. It is a common practice; for example, when men say something along the lines of, “Yes, of course honey, you look great in that dress…” Women are most likely telling men the same lies. Here are some of the more common of all white lies told by women to men.

My husband/boyfriend/fiancée is the perfect man! While this may be true on some level, there is bound to be some kind of flaw which is overlooked by the woman in question. It may seem to her that telling him he is perfect it will make the relationship perfect however it is most likely the case that she is saying this to deflect her true feelings. That in fact there is something about him she doesn’t like but thinks is a little too trivial to deal with or make an issue out of.

I’m Fine, or There is nothing wrong with me! While at the moment, there may be nothing seriously wrong, or she may look fine, there is always something she would like to say or do and she is certainly not fine. This is especially true if you can see there is pain on her face, or if she is acting strange; for example, if she is tensed up when you try to hug her or if she forces a smile to her face when you say something to her. It is obvious there is something wrong, but she either does not want to cause an argument, or it is so much to deal with she thinks it is in her best interests to allow her to cool down before talking about the problem. Give her some space; when she is ready, she will talk.

Yup, yes, of course, you are right my dear! How could you ever be wrong? No, unfortunately, you probably are not right. And yes, it is entirely possible that you are wrong, or at least she does not agree with you on some level or another. However, it is obviously something she does not wish to get into a fight or argument over, so she will yes you to death-just like men do to us.

All About Equality
You see, men and women are in fact equal. They not only have the ability to get the same jobs and go to the same schools, but they have the ability to tell the same lies as men do as well. This is not a new found ability, however, but it is one that has been going on for a much monger time than any woman will ever admit. Especially an American woman, that’s for sure. And being of the American and womanly persuasion myself, I can certainly agree on one thing, this is our little secret no more.

~JC Torpey

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  1. RelationshipDJ Avatar

    That’s a very interesting articles, but how can someone know for sure that the other person is doing or not doing? with my girlfriend, I hate to admit but I only go by what she tells me. If she lies about something she’s only lying to herself. The same thing goes for men. I am not sure that there’s equality. We may be able to do the same thing but never the same way does that mean equality.. not too sure.

    Great article.

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