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Watching the Speed Dating Click
Watching the Speed Dating Click

The Great American Pastime of All-time
Speed dating is a truly American pastime. Not only is it perfect for professionals who do not have enough tome to go on a date otherwise, it gets a few birds killed with one single stone, or a timer as in the case of speed dating. Most American singles are busy professionals who have no time for anything and they are lucky they even have time to talk to their managers or clients on their business smartphones, let alone go on a date. This is why speed dating is perfect for American singles; they can date up to 20 or 30 people all within an hour or so and most times they can complete the round while they are at an extended lunch hour.

It’s Inception
Speed dating itself was actually invented in Los Angeles by a Rabbi who wanted a way for his people to meet others just like them. Going along with the traditional speed dating theme, other Americans picked up on speed dating as a way for professionals to meet others just like them, and it became one of the most popular ways to meet people of all time, until online dating became popular, anyway.

If the American single is lucky, during the hour they talk to many different people and will met at least two or three who they want to get to know better. The advantages of dating in this fashion are simple. Not only can you get all of the basics of “Hi, My name is…” out of the way, but you can set a second date with anyone of your choice on the same night. That is a few hours of an awkward first date that neither of the speed daters have to ever go through because it is all taken care of right then and there.
Lined Up for the Date
Taking the Initiative
Speed dating is also a great option for those who have a difficult time asking others out. Because people come in groups to speed dating sessions, it is almost like double dating for the masses. No awkward silences to fill, no mess ups in the conversation; nothing of the sort. And absolutely no, I am afraid to talk to them, because you don’t have much of a choice. You are forced together with everyone so the choice is taken away.

Many people find this method much easier to deal with than having to make a decision for themselves. Those who go to great lengths to not make choices can even wait for someone to choose them. And because everyone is grouped together based on certain preferences, someone choosing you should never become an issue, as you already like the same things.

All there is when it comes to the speed date is pure information and getting the first date stuff out of the way. This is also a great proponent of those who believe in true love. Many an American single who has gone to a speed dating session has met their true love on that very night-and they are still married today as a result.

~JC Torpey

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