3 Situations When Lying is A Necessary Evil-Telling Them What They Want to Hear

Do You Tell Your Partner Everything?


Do You, Really? They Probably Lie to You…
Every day, when we see people in committed relationships, other people always assume that when the two people manage to stay together it is because of complete open and honest communication, right? Surprisingly, that is not always the truth. You see, many times, when people manage to stay together so long it is because they don’t tell their partner everything. Sometimes, telling your partner what they want to hear is a better idea, lest you lose the one person in your life who means everything to you.

You also need to think about this. Do you really want, or need to know everything? Meaning, are you fundamentally capable of total and complete forgiveness, and sometimes indifference, should the other person in the relationship do something terrible, but tell you the truth about it? Would you tell your partner if, for example, you ran into your ex and happened to kiss them, not because you lusted after them, and not because you don’t love the person you are with, but for a stupid “for old times’ sake” sort of situation, would you tell your partner about it? If there is absolutely no chance of them finding out, I mean.

rebounding form one to another
rebounding form one to another

Some people say they would, especially the women, because the one thing women want is honest, right? But would it be worth the honesty to lose the love of your life over one stupid kiss that meant nothing? I think in a case like this, not telling would be the bet approach. This is because, sometimes, lying is a necessary evil, it is just a matter of knowing when it is probably ok, and to what extent. So here are a few examples as to when it might be a good idea to tell a white lie-for the greater good of the relationship, that is.

Situation One-What He Wants to Hearuhohjpg
Women, here is a situation where you NEED to tell him what he wants to hear. Otherwise you will never see him again, no matter how good you are to him. Imagine he takes you home, of if you take him to your place. You have had some drinks and are feeling sort of comfortable and are looking for something more to happen between he two of you. You start kissing an groping at each other. You reach down and grab at his special parts and he promptly makes a joke, implying at how “big” he is. You think to yourself that he isn’t really, at least no bigger than your ex was, and that’s not really too big at all.

So, do you tell him the truth? Only if you want to humiliate and hurt him. In any situation when it comes to a man’s manhood, it is always in a woman’s best interests to lie and tell him what he wants to hear. Otherwise, you may scar him, if not for life for at least the time he spends being with you, and I fear it won’t be long before the two of you break upnice after a comment in that department. So, if you value his feelings and whatever budding relationship you have with a guy, when it comes to his private army of three, ever, ever tell the truth. Unless he really is as big as a horse, that is. Then be as truthful as you want to be.

Situation Two-For Men & Women
Jealousy is a demon that we can all live without. The thing is, when it comes to our sexual past, jealously makes us ask questions about things we need to know, things we want to know, and things that should be wiped from memory, period. For example, say that one of you happens to mention how the other is the best when it comes to a certain move in bed. Do you then continue to tell them that you learned it from an ex? Of course not. But some people are actually dense enough to do just that, and jealousy rears its ugly head.

You see, when you are with someone, the other half wants-needs-to know they are the only ones you think about. So, if you learned a trick from someone in your past, pretend like you got it from reading a book. Because if you even hint at someone form your past, it will open the flood gates for more ugliness, jealousy and questions-unavoidable questions-of if they were better then them. Always lie about this, no matter what the answer. Always tell the one you are with that you have never had better. Or, you could tell them the lat person was a bit better in hopes of the one you are with wanting to learn, but I think you are digging your grave of breakup and it’s just not worth the trouble.

Situation 3-For the Guys
OK guys, you know how you need to be honest? You know how us women always ask if what we are wearing makes up look fat? Or if it looks good? Well, here is your chance to shine. Make her feel like a woman. Make her feel as if there is no other woman on Earth. Let her know that she is beautiful, passionate and attractive-and there will never be another in the world quite as sexy as she.

In other words, no matter what you do, NEVER tell the truth in this situation. Unless of course she really does look good, and she is the sexy mama you started dating her for… Or unless you think she really does look good with the UGG boots crop top and a mini skirt with a side of sausage… You get the picture, right? I mean, you did go out with her for a 56641051reason, right/ You did find her attractive at least in the beginning, so make her think you still do, even if you don’t, really because if he ever gets a hint otherwise, you will find yourself on the couch quicker than you can say the word break up.

Whatever You Do…
Make sure you remember what you said later if you need to use it again for some reason. The worst thing you want to do is tell a lie and then forget. That outcome would be worse than telling the truth to begin with. Because not only would they know the truth, they would know you lied to them. And that is worse than any truth ever told. They want t know you are honest from the beginning, they want to know you love them, but honestly, of course.

Which leaves you stuck in between a rock and a hard spot. How are you supposed to be honest if they really don’t want to hear what you are being honest about? It really is a difficult subject to navigate, so if you stick to these plans, you can’t lose. Unless you forget, that is. Good luck and go get to dating!

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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