2 of the Best Romantic Christmas Tips and Ideas To Keep the Day Intense

It’s Christmas and the Presents are Already Open, So Now What?
Tips to Keep That Romantic Christmas Spirit Alive and Well


First Things First

Merry Christmas from us here at Thoughts On Dating, and our sponsor, SixSingles.com.
Another wonderful year has passed, and yet we still live on. Whether it is through new traditions, or old, we here at Thoughts On Dating expect to be back year after year to bring you the best tips, secrets and advice we can muster. And today will be no different!

So again, Have a happy and safe Christmas Holiday, and may all your Romantic Dreams Come True!

Romantic Activities to Keep You Busy

Never Too Early to Un-Decorate
WARNING: This is an X-Rated Romantic idea, so if you have kids, it would be best to wait until you know they are fast asleep, or going to be out of the house for quite possible a very long time.

Well, considering it is Christmas, and you have most likely already decorated the tree, you might want to try to un-decorate it. It is never too early to get the task out of the way, unless you know you are going to have company that hasn’t come over for a visit just yet-then you may want to wait-But if not, Go For IT!

Ok, so I know you are asking, “What is so romantic about un-decorating a tree?” Here’s the scoop. The original idea is to decorate and do all the “normal” Christmas activities in the nude. So, because you already have the tree up, you can give un-decorating the tree in the nude a shot. Here is the science behind the idea…
The movement our bodies make when we twist and contort into different poses, such as putting a decoration up-or taking one down, as is in this case, can make us strike a more sensual than usual striking pose. These poses-usually stretched out, long and lean-tend to flip a switch in our partner’s brain that signals that the time is “Now Now Now!” To get what he/she wants. It’s been done-and proven to work while putting a tree up. So it certainly cannot hurt while taking it down, as when we take decorations down, we are striking the same poses, just in reverse.

Give it a shot, you never know how much fun cleaning up after Christmas can be until you try it. But as I mentioned above, wait until you know no one will be around for a few hours at least. Especially if you have children who could walk in on you at any minute! Could make for an un-exciting finish to the Un-decorating of the tree!

Go For A Sleigh Ride Togethercouplesleighridewithhorse
If you were lucky enough to get snow where you live, one of the most romantic things you could do with your mate is share a fun time with them. And what is more fun to do on Christmas than go sleigh riding together? Or in this case, sledding, if there is no sleigh. Most small towns have rolling hills or someplace where sledding is doable. Be it a hill behind the grocery store, or a huge park in the middle of nowhere, if it has snowed, you are sure to find somewhere. If you have to, ask the neighborhood kids where the scariest sledding hill is, and that is where you should go.

But it’s not just the ride itself that is romantic, no. It is how you are going to do it. You will want to get your hands on one of those saucer shaped oversized sleds. You know the ones, this big huge red round ones. These kinds fit two together in one, and usually snuggled up real close together. This serves a few purposes.
Here’s the science behind the idea…

When the two of you are snuggled up close together, and happen to love each other, you already have intense feelings for each other-That is you are already attracted to each other. But now add in the sledding and the adrenaline it produces, and those intense feelings for each other will go flooding overboard and you may not even make it home before you go for a romp in the snow!
Now, for those who do not have access to the Winter Wonderlands that we Northerners do, there is an alternative, although it’s not as adrenaline producing, or original-But it still is one of THE most romantic things you can do on Christmas, that’s for sure. If you live in a town large enough, you are sure to have Horse & Buggy Rides somewhere. O,r you could arrange to go for a horseback ride together on the same horse. Yes, it is cold, but that is the point! You get onto one horse, or if you are in the carriage, sit next to each other, not across-and snuggle up and feel the intensity of your partner’s warmth against you. That will get juices flowing, for sure.

Because, In The End…
It’s all about the love and the feelings you share together,and the things you do together-NOT what you buy for each other. If you love someone, you can turn anything into a romantic activity or idea. Just try to stay safe and relatively sane, and you can’t go wrong!

Be Safe and Have A Merry Christmas!

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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