About TOD and It’s Author

Thoughts On Dating is a blog dedicated to the thoughts, feelings and situations of anyone within the dating world.


JC Torpey is a dedicated author striving to bring the best and most relevant news, tips and advice to the modern dating individual, both online and off. We here at ThoughtsOnDating.com feel that it is in the best interest of everyone in the dating world to have the tools necessary to freely access this information. A person who knows is a person who grows.

If you like, please leave a comment or a suggestion on how we can make this experience better for you, the modern dater in a modern world. Also, if you need advice or would like JC Torpey to answer your questions, please leave your questions here, or if they require a private response, email them to the author.

2 responses to “About TOD and It’s Author”

  1. JCTorpey Avatar

    Hello Andrew,
    I have forwarded your request to the site owner and he will get back to you as soon as he can! As I am only the author, I cannot make those decisions.
    Thanks for reading!

    ~JC Torpey

  2. David Avatar

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