4 Ways to Get Women to Talk to You On Online Dating Sites

Instead of Getting them to Ignore You!

You know the adage, or cliché, people say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?” Well, the same could be said about online dating. Such as when you are trying to find the perfect woman and you wind up getting ignored the entire time you are on the site. Well, there are many reasons why you are being ignored and it is probably in the way you are trying to talk to women. However, there are many ways to go about getting women to talk to you when browsing the online dating sites.

You must remember that patience is a virtue that should definitely be one of yours. You will probably not find the perfect woman the first time out. Maybe within a few months you will have met one or two women you would like to pursue. But how to get them to respond to you? Check out these five tips and see if they don’t help your cause.

No Negativity
If you are seriously interested in a particular woman, show it. Do not pretend to be put off by her, or she will see it as a negative response. This is the worst thing you can do because it sends mixed signals. If you like someone, show it truthfully and she will respond in kind.

Do Not Exaggerate
Do not try to make yourself out to be something you aren’t. For example, do not pretend to be a neurosurgeon if you are a construction worker. This is another thing guys tend to do is make them selves “look better.” However, it only makes the man look like a liar and dishonest.

Only Serious Inquires Please!
If you are serious about someone, then it is ok to let her know you are willing to go to the moon for her. However, if you are not serious and lead her into expectations like these, it is also a form of dishonesty. Telling a woman what they want to hear just to make yourself look or feel better, or just because you are “talking to someone” is wrong and a disservice to yourself and your reputation.

Don’t Bother!
No stalking or harassing should be your policy. If you contact a woman sand she asks you not to, then do not pursue her at any cost. If you do, it can lead to a bad report on the site and your expulsion. Contacting a woman after she tells you not to is sometimes viewed as stalking.

Do not lead a woman on then tell her you are not serious. It is these types of behaviors that put women off and make them ignore you. If you can manage to keep these tips in mind when you are dating online, in fact, do not be dishonest at all and you should succeed where others have failed.

~JC Torpey

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  1. Meli Avatar

    I think these are great tips for men to follow. I really like it when a man is up front and honest about himself. All women love a happy man and being courted.

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