Why Dating Older Men is More Beneficial Than You Think

And Why Women Actively Seek them Out

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A Bit of a Recap
I’ve written about this subject before. The post about dating an older man, no matter what the woman’s age. Doing so has its ups and downs, benefits and disadvantages, just like anything else in life. However, in spite of all the attention on the new social acceptance, people still seem to hesitate or see the subject as “taboo” when in reality, it is a normal fact of every day life. Chances are, you know a woman who happens to be dating an older man-but you still cannot figure out why. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why women are dating older men and why it can be even more beneficial than anyone ever thought-and never mentioned.

When a woman dates someone, they want to know and feel that they are respected. Not necessarily put on a pedestal, but high enough socially to make a difference in her self esteem. When a woman dates an older man, there is a larger sense of respect emitting from him. This is because he was probably raised in a different generation, one in which women were goddesses and should not have to lift a finger to do anything. This is the type of man that values romance over a few minutes in the sack and is not afraid to tell her so.

Finding a man to support a woman and her decisions these days is becoming more difficult for modern women. An older man is one of deeper feelings and respect and was raised to support the woman he is with-no matter what. He knows that supporting his partner is one of the most important aspects of a deeper relationship.

Another product of his generational raising is the loyalty he feels for her. He is a protector, which shows when he is out with her on date. He is the type of man to open doors for her, wait for her to be seated first at a restaurant, etc. This is a men who relishes the sanctity of the relationship and the commitment, so he is much less likely to cheat as well.
Why Women Want Them
Older men usually come form the generation between the years of 1940 and 1960 and the women dating them are usually at least 10 years their junior. This is also the type of man who is very hard to come by in today’s society and the type of man who was raised to respect, love cherish and honor the woman in his life, no matter what the situation. Many women are turning to the older man for this reason, because they know how to better give a woman the respect she deserves and needs. This the exact man every woman wants.

Be Careful…
Women must be careful because there can come a time when they meet the one older man who was raised to think of woman as their property. This is something that went on back then and it still does. Much like the abusive men of today. These men, as well as the men in today’s modern world seem to be of a different sort. They don’t seem to care what a woman wants, or needs in many cases. This could be a product of a relationship gone wrong, or the way they were raised so be careful in trying to figure it out.

As long as you are sure you have found the man that you love and know you can have a beautiful life with-and he feels the same for you, you will finally understand that the age difference makes no difference at all. No matter how many years apart the two of you are, if you were meant to be together, then you were meant to be together, period.

~JC Torpey

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