Rules of the Road & Online Dating Part 2-Un-Attracting the Undesirables

Tweaks Guaranteed to Keep Unsavory Characters Away

For the next few weeks, maybe a few months-I don’t know really, it depends on how many I can fit into one post-I don’t want it to be unorganized, that’s for sure. We’ll go over one subject at a time. I am going to do a series on the rules of online dating. Most will probably be some form of common sense, but as with many people, common sense needs to be reiterated over and over again-especially when it comes to the subject of dating. That said, this is just a reminder that there is a proper way to behave. Online dating is not a free for all, after all. So, buckle down, read up and enjoy the Rules of the Road & Online Dating-and put it to use!

It Used to Be That…
When a woman had a suitor they were obligated to date them, talk to them-even take them to their bed. Why? Because the “civilized culture” we lived in, the one we created, required it. That was the point of pre-arranged courtships and marriages. Your parents decided for you who you were to see and marry. That said, many relationships arose from that era with one partner despising the other. Not that they were ungrateful, they just didn’t like them, and it wasn’t their fault. They had to deal with the fact they were not attracted to their partner and there was nothing they could do about it.

Those Days are Gone
In this day and age, however, there are things you can do to keep the people away you don’t want to date. Why should you be burdened with those you have no interest in? Why should you have to take time out to deal with those people when you can prevent it in the first place? The beauty in this approach is that is is completely acceptable in our modern world. WE have the say of who we date, who we bed and who we marry, period.

Let’s look at some of the basic rules of tweaking your profile to make it work for you. These rules are mostly common sense, however tweaked in the right way, they are guaranteed to attract the people you want to attract while keeping the unsavory characters away… Unless those unsavory characters are just looking to cause trouble…

Some Common Sense Tweaks
These are two things yo can do on your profile to help keep others at bay. They are common sense things, but they are often overlooked or ignored. I promise, if you do this right, you are guaranteed of finding someone who you want while keeping the others away.

Be Honest. I really cannot stress this enough. If you are honest with yourself and whoever contacts you, you are guaranteed to always end up happy. That said, you should craft the words in your About me, or whatever the site you are on calls it, to reflect who you are. For example:

  • What are your interests?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What do you look like?
  • What is your profession?
  • What are some things about you that others should know?

Answering these questions honestly and writing about them in your online dating profile guarantees you will finally get the one you want. And if you aren’t honest, especially with the way you look question, you are guaranteed to either make others not trust you, or you are sure to be disappointed in the end.

Choose your photo wisely. Pick the very best photo you have of yourself. You always want to look your best on these profiles. Otherwise, people might just pass you over. Tell you the truth, most of the first contacts with others on these sites are based on the first impression of the photo displayed, so make it a good one! You also want to be sure the photo is recent. Haveing an accurate reperesentation of yourself is best. Like the first point, not lying about the way you look is probably the single most important thing you can do, lest you be labeled untrustworthy or worse, a liar.

Other Tweaks Which Should be Common Sense
The following are some other tweaks you can make to your profile to guarantee you get who you want, not just who wants you. You can use your profile to weed out those who you have no interest in so long as you follow these pointers.

Don’t mention…These are some of the most written about things that are construed as important when filing out your profile. I honestly believe-no, I know-that if you leave these tidbits about yourself out of your profile, you limit the people who respond to you. And the one who do contact you will be worth your time.

  • Sex
  • Your Cup size (women)
  • Your bulge size (men)
  • How experienced you are (or aren’t)
  • How many you have been with
  • What you like to do in the bedroom
  • What you don’t like to do in the bedroom

These rules are simply stated because it will gie people the wrong impression about you. If you talk about sex-or any variation or aspect of sex-in your profile, you are guaranteed to attract those only looking for sex. If you are looking for a relationship, it is much better to leave the sex out of your profile, including sexual innuendo. They certainly have no place in a public profile, that’s for sure. Now, for those looking for a hook-up or a one night stand type of thing, well go for it then. However, if you want a genuine relationship, writing these things in your profile are a genuine waste of time because it attracts the wrong type of person.

Do Write About…
The following are suggested to write in your profile, where many people do not. If you have a public profile, why not use it to its fullest advantage? Here, let me tell you what I mean…

  • Do say what type of personality you want a mate to have
  • Do say What you want them to look like if you have a preference
  • Do say what profession they must be in, if there is a preference
  • Do say how much money they have to make, if there is a preference
  • Do say what hobbies or interests they must have, if there is a preference
  • Do say if you want a never married before partner, if there is a preference
  • Do say if they can come with kids, if there is a preference

And any others traits you can think of that your potential mate should have. If you can say all these things right up front in your public profile, it’s obvious what type of person has no business applying. Meaning the wrong person for you is unlikely to answer your ad, or profile, if you use this tactic. It ensures that only peole who fit the description of your perfect mate and date will contact you. And if someone contacts you even though they don’t fit, don’t write them off completely just yet. They might have something to offer you anyway. besides, they had the guts to contact you anyway, knowing your criteria.

Good Luck and Get Writing!

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~
~JC Torpey

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