3 Ways to Keep Your Online Relationship Going

Online Dating: How Do They All Do It?
When it comes to online dating, keeping the online relationship alive can sometimes be the most difficult thing to accomplish. Here’s what happens… When you are in a relationship of any kind, talking about the same things to the same person every time you talk, it can get a bit monotonous and, frankly, boring. So, what are you supposed to do to keep things going, especially considering its an online relationship-you are supposed to be talking to each other. And, even so, there are many things you can do to keep things lively,it just depends on how open you are to suggestion and creativity. Here are three things to try, so go ahead, give it a shot, it can’t hurt, that’s for sure.

You What? Took a Picture of What?!?!Nude2
Here’s an old but never boring idea. Why not start sending some pictures to your partner. But not just the same kind of pictures you may have been sending. Even though you have most likely been sending pics back and forth since the online relationship started, it never hurts to send more. It just matter what you are sending them of. Just a normal picture is great when you are first starting out. But if the two of you have gotten to the point where talking to each other is becoming a chore, I will venture to say that you might just be in enough of a comfort zone to start sending some risque photos of yourselves to each other. Think about this… You have been talking it up for a few months now, sadly in the real world, that would mean you have probably worked up to sleeping with each other by now, right? Well, why should an online relationship be any different? Well, for starters, it does have to be different because it is all done online. No, no physical stuff. Meaning photos are the next best thing. So if you haven’t already started this phase, do so by starting to send pics of just a body part oat a time. It can be quite intriguing when you get to have your partner’s body, piece by piece, coming in the mail every few days. It sure keeps the anticipation up.

Hold the Phonesonphononcomputer
Another good way to keep things alive and kicking is also another traditional idea Why not have a good old conversation on the phone? I know you are reading this because the talk has become boring, but if oyu think about it, when you talk on the chat, there’s no tone to it. You can’t hear a voice so there’s no way of knowing what the feeling behind it is. You have no way of knowing what they sound like. When you read what they are saying, you are reading in your voice within your head-meaning you are talking to yourself. If you can have a conversation on the phone you might actually have lots to talk about because you are not talking to yourself anymore. The person on the other line has a different voice so it becomes interesting again.

Video, the Voyeur’s Best Friendwatcing a webcam
What do you think about using the video chat option? Most online dating sites will have some kind of option to use it, but if not, then you could do so using your own equipment. This is the next best thing to actually being with someone in real time because when you actually get to see them, it registers in the brain a bit more. Meaning you are a little more into the talking because the adrenaline in your bloodstream is rushing, so you become excited real quick and are happier and overall just in a better mood. This does wonders for any conversation, let me tell you. Besides, if you have just the right amount of privacy, you could do more than just talk. Even if only one of you has a webcam, it is better than nothing. Because if one can see the other, it is still exciting. You could actually play a roll playing game, where one goes about their business and the other, the one without the webcam, can watch as if the one they are watching has no idea they are doing it. A bit of voyeurism never hurt anyone, that’s for sure.

When a couple meets online, starts a relationship and then tries to maintain it after being on an online dating site, boring is something everyone has to deal with at one point of their relationship or another, The problem is, if it s already boring to you, what is going to happen if you finally meet face to face? Keep in mind if you are already having problems, then you might want to reconsider the person you are having the relationship with.

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