7 (Mostly) Unknown Secrets of Women-Pick Up Lines Really Do Work!

Well, Some Do Anyway-It’s All in How You Present Them

I am probably going to get killed for writing this. This are some very powerful words I’ve got here. This is a seven part series on the most unknown secrets of women. And they are not just any secrets, either. They are the secrets about women that most of us women don’t want any man to ever know about.

So why am I posting them? Because I am loyal to my readers as my readers are loyal to me. It’s that simple. Respect for the people I say. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So read on, follow the advice given here and go on to a successful life in dating. That is of course until you find the right one…

The Setting & Scene
Imagine this scene for a minute (true story-I swear it): You are at the bar, when you see the finest looking woman you have ever laid eyes on, just a few seats down from you. You are thinking of all those tips your friends have told you about what you should say to a woman, you know, like a pick up line. And, kind of like trying to figure out what to say on a first date, the thoughts and possibilities are endless. Of course, you don’t want to say the wring things, right? You definitely don’t want to scare her off. The goal in this moment is to get her to laugh, or even a smile will do. Because, believe it or not, if you can get a woman to smile at something you say, you’re in. Done deal.
So, you think real hard and real quick and you come up with one of those pick up lines that sound good, one of the ones your best friend claims works every time for him. You walk over to her and you actually get close enough to say it directly in her ear… Then you pause for effect, and it happens. She responds in a way that catches you off guard. The beautiful woman you just whispered the carefully crafted pick-up line to… She starts laughing at it.

Yup-that’s got to be the most humiliating thing in the world, aside form having her drink splashed in your face, at least she didn’t do that, right? So what happened to make her bust up like that? What did you do wrong? You said it exactly as you were told to, didn’t you?

The Truth About a Pick-Up Line
You see, when your friend told you about the perfect pickup line, and how it works every time was right, he just happened to leave out the most important part. The next part of the scene happened like this: She laughed and, while he stood there in horror, wondering what he had done wrong, she invites him to sit and talk with her.

You see, what your friend neglected to tell you was the type of response you would get. And while yes, the line obviously does work every time, the response you just got is the correct one. And your friend didn’t tell you for good reason. No self respecting good man in this world would ever humiliate himself if he knew that was what he was doing. But don’t be mad at your friend, it was for a good cause, right?

The thing about pick up lines is generally, they are so played out and stupid sounding, they don’t work. And, for the most part, men know this. But sometimes, you will get one guy out of a million who will figure out a way to make them work. And as in the case above, this man made it work, and he apparently has got it down pretty well, form the outcome. The truth about the whole situation is pickup lines are not romantic, and they are not sexy. they are just some words thrown together that, for the most part, don’t even sound good when you are practicing it in your head.

And the Secret Is?
What every man needs to know about pick up lines is how to present them. And for a man going in blind, the presentation is great, because he is unknowingly humiliating himself saying something that makes almost as much sense as covering your self in tissues to keep the rain from getting you. I know it’s mean to say it like this, but honestly, how many guys friends do you have who would willingly be humiliated I front of a group of people? Not many, that’s for sure. But now, maybe after reading this, it won’t be so bad.

The real secret, of course, is in the presentation of the pink up line. It’s all in how you say it. You see, when a man goes up to a lady in a bar, or anywhere else, with no idea how he sounds saying something like that, it works better because he really is caught off guard, and her laughing at him really is humiliating. But, if a guy can understand why she laughs, then repeat the action to keep her laughing, I guarantee, you’re in.

Women are tired of hearing all the old pick up lines, they are boring. Plain and simple, but if a man can take one and come up to me innocently enough, without knowing it, and say it with a straight face, yeah-I’m gonna bust up. You see, it’s so cute and innocent, it does something to women. Women love cute. Women love innocent. And the fact it got us laughing, well, that’s the nail in the coffin that seals the deal. We want to laugh and have a good time. And any guy who can take the stupidest sounding thing in the world, and make up laugh at it, well, that man deserves a chance. Period.

Any woman I know just wants to have a good time. We want to know we are with someone who can take any situation, no matter how bleak it may be and turn it into something worth our time. And if a man can take something like a crazy pickup line and turn it into something to laugh at, it tells us a little something about who the man is as a person, and how he might just have that miraculous ability us women are looking for to make us happy. And that is enough to get us talking to you.

The Outcome
The Outcome

The Outcome
When you take what I’ve written over the last 7 weeks (yes it’s been that long) and actually use it, I promise you will see a difference in how women treat you. And just knowing these secrets about us really is half the battle. And I can also promise you that if you ask any woman about these, she will deny all. the thing about womeen is we like being mysterious. We like keepign you guys on your toes. And we also like having the power in our hands to do what we please and get away with it. So, if any guy gets a hold of our secrets, we’re pretty mcuh done for.

But, for me, I think giving up the ghost is a needed, necessary evil that is long overdue. I think there are some women who take advantage of the fact we have so much power over men. And I think it’s time women get off the power trip and start caring about what the guys think. Which is why I did this series. If giving the guys the secrets to women and me speaking the truth about how we think and act makes it easier for them, then I did my job here. Although I have had my share of bumps and bruises along the way in my life, I figured out that once I gave up my pedestal, was when I found what makes me happy in life. My other half who didn’t have to work so hard at loving me. No guy should have to have a second job called “loving a women” to live life and be happy. And if any man can find love a little easier with what I write, all the womanly hatred towards me for spilling their secrets is worth it~JC-Torpey

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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