Cougars & Their Boy Toys:Why Should Older Men Have All the Fun?

A New Trend in An old Game

Women are Human Too
Since when are men the only species allowed to have any kind of fun? For the longest time, centuries, even, men have been dating younger women and for the most part it is seen as an acceptable act. But for women, the act of an older woman dating a younger man is seen as… Well, um-dirty and downright wrong. In fact, in recent times, more and more older women have begun to date men, sometimes much younger than themselves. And the world has labeled these older woman as Cougars, for the analogy of them as predators feeding on the younger men who are supposed to be the prey. This makes it seem as if the world has not yet caught up with this trend, as most people do not like the fact older women do this. They see it as something more than what it really is. Well, I say it is time to put the world in its place because why should things be any different for women then they are for men? Why is it OK for an older man to date a younger woman and not the other way around?

The Celebrity Syndromecourteney_cox_back_on_stage_as_a_cougar_town_woman_main_10314
It has always been the case that if someone in Hollywood does it, it must be OK, right? It would seem that way, that’s for sure. Many older women celebrities, like Demi Moore, Madonna and Susan Sarandon, have got together with younger men and now there is even a hit television show called Cougartown, starring Courtney Cox-Arquette, the older woman younger man stigma is starting to mellow out. And in the case of Susan, she was together with her mate for a little over 20 years, although they have now split, about a month ago. Ever since these women have started the trend, the rest of the women, as well as the rest of society, seem to be catching on, but in a way that says, they do not approve at all.

The Real World Catches Up
Because women in the world are just starting to catch on to this trend, or they are at least just making it public, many people are starting to take notice of what is going on. It is almost like the Older man younger woman stereotype, just from a bit of a different perspective, is all.
You see, today’s society is a far cry from what it used to be. Not too long ago, women got married while they were still in their late teens, had kids with their husbands and lived a long, happily married life with their husbands, to be together always and forever. But these days, with the ever rising rates in divorce, things are changing for women. They are now getting back into the dating game at a later age and while they may not have any children to take care of anymore, they still have their careers and they want to have some fun at the same time. They are almost like reborn teenagers. And these reborn teenagers need to get out and have some fun just like the rest of the women do. The only difference here is the fact these women are newly single.

Making the Case for Cougars
Here’s the problem with older women. When they go out looking for a second chance at love, they are bombarded with a whole host of men their own age. While normally dating someone your own age is supposed to be a good thing, when you are in your early 40’s to 50’s dating someone your own age doesn’t have the same charms it once did. For the most part, these older women don’t like what they see in these older men.

Older men have a tendency to think about one thing when they get to their middle age, the age when they are going through their “mid-life crisis.” They want to know how whatever it is they are doing or who ever they are with are going to help their careers or their business. If a woman is with a man of this age, he is less likely to support her and her efforts in this area because as he is the man, he should technically, according to most “old fashioned’ social standards, be the bread winner of the family, not her.
Also there’s the fact some older men tend to wind down physically around this age as well. It has been scientifically proven most women in their 40’s are just getting to their sexual peaks. This usually means they are wanting a little more action in the bedroom then their same age partners are willing or able to give them. And incompatibilities like this are what can ruin an already strained relationship. For many couples, it is the breaking point, which is why many couples these days are finding themselves divorced mid-life.

Enter the Younger Man: The Boy Toy
So, what can a younger man give a woman her same age counterpart cannot/ For starters, guys hit their peaks in their late teens, so if an older woman catches his younger friend early enough, there’s the added benefit of a very rambunctious sex life. Most guys in their 20’s think about sex up to 100 times a day and want it even more. This is about the same way an older women feels when they hit their peaks. Not only does a guy this age want sex all the time, they want it with you. they know you are much older than them and they know you have probably become quite experienced when it comes to tricks between the sheets. And they are counting on this. They want to try everything you know, even if it is only because you know more than them, they want tz204520590o be able to say they did it, and they did it with you.

A perfectly compatible couple in the bedroom is only the beginning, however. There is also the financial benefit to consider. Most women in their 40’s are set in their careers, meaning they have financial security of some kind. Not to say the younger man is a “gold digger’ in the sense that all he wants is her money, absolutely not. What I am saying is when there is a genuine relationship that is going somewhere, the younger man will eventually benefit from her financial security. Many younger guys get the start to a business idea financed from this financial security, or are able to attend college because she sees it as an important investment in his future. And it really is, if you think about it. A genuine younger man who has nothing but good intentions for the older woman who snatched him up is going to use the opportunity to go to school or start a business and put it to good use. These are the older guys you see later in life who have made a name for themselves after starting out with nothing, except for the fact they had an older woman to help them oout when they were younger themselves.

Why Care What The World Thinks?
When two people want to be with each other, why should they care what the world thinks? It is only natural two people are going to be attracted to each other and want to be with each other and not care about what age they are. So, what, because of some morality issues the world or some religion has against two people in love with each other because they are so different in age they can’t be with each other because it is morally wrong on some invisible level?

If you find yourself in love with someone whom the world, or your family even, thinks is wrong for you to be with, think about what it is that you want and what, or who, makes you happy. Then ask yourself a question. Are you breaking any state or federal laws? No? OK, good. Then then you should go right on dating whom ever it is that makes you happy. Those people have no right to tell you you cannot be with the person you love, period and end of story.

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  1. raylc Avatar

    I totally agree with your last paragraph. If it’s not hurting anyone and it’s not illegal, go for it. Why are people so upset by age gap relationships? People have been having them for years and they still do, in droves. I’d like to see more acceptance of age-gap relationships.

  2. Cordless Screwdriver  Avatar
    Cordless Screwdriver 

    married life is actually the best if both the man and the woman compliments each other:~,

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