5 Step Guide to Online Dating for Beginners

Are You New to Online Dating? Don’t Fret-Here’s A Guide Just for You!

Online Dating Sites-Make Them Work for You
The online dating world today is a far cry from what it used to be. Where in the past only a few people had the nerve to try using one to push their love life to the limits, in today’s modern age, more than 20 million singles visit these dating sites-every month! But here’s the problem, most of the people using the sites do not know how to make them work to their advantage. And for those beginners who are just starting out who don’t know their way around a site, it can be murder on their luck-and their morale- trying to find someone. For these beginners, their success rates of finding love online are very low.
Why is this? Well, there are a few different reasons. The first being the quality of the site you have chosen to use. Some online dating sites really are better than the others in many respects in terms of traffic to the site, how easy or difficult it is to navigate the site, and the amount of real people with real profiles, and not just spammers signed up for the site’s services. All of these things will affect the way the site works for you.

The biggest problem affecting the chances of meeting someone is what you do when you are on the site. How do you use the services offered? Do you make use of them? Are you actually active on the site, or are you just sitting there quietly hoping someone will stumble upon your profile? Here are some simple steps, which you are probably already aware of, that will help you find love by making the online dating site of your choice work to your advantage.
Step 1-Work the Profile! I know this is obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people out there on the sites do not complete their profile. Some of these people are even so vain as to think they can get away with just a name and a photo of themselves. This simply does not cut it. Of course, throwing up a sexy photo hoping to catch the first thing that comes along to sleep with works for some people, but I am hoping I write for a better cause than just a quick Wham-bam… Well you know the rest.

Ok, so here’s what you need to do, when you are filling out a great profile, it will need to include the basic stuff like what you look like and where you are from. But here’s the trick. You will need to get creative without being dishonest. Creativity goes a long way in terms of an online profile. This is because you don’t want your profile to get mixed in with all the rest. Instead, you will want it to stand out above all the others. You are here to find someone, right? Well make it worth their while to look at your profile, and you might see yourself fending off many more people than you imagined. If you can manage to be different than the others, and get your profile noticed, your success in finding someone online is almost guaranteed.

Step 2-Never Skip the Photo!
This also seems like an obvious thing to say, but you would be surprised to find how many people are hoping to not to have to show themselves to everyone, for a couple of reasons. First, some people are still afraid of being stuck with the taboo dating site label. Meaning they are afraid to show their face on the site because they don’t want to be recognized by anyone they know. The problem with this thinking is you signed yup to meet someone, and they are going to want to know what you look like. 97% of all people browsing through singles on a site will not stop and take the time to read a profile that is missing a photo. You might as well not exist or be there on the site to begin with.
Another reason is people hope others will read their profile and want to date them on complete word of the profile itself. They want their written information to do the trick, not their looks. But again, this is a flawed way of thinking. No one looks at a profile with a missing picture, period. Also, some people will wonder what it is that you are hiding by not showing your picture on the site. Could you be married looking for a fling and are not showing your photo because you are afraid of being caught? Could you be a spammer or a scammer trying not to get too noticed? Why don’t you want a picture? The other singles on the site will never trust you without a picture.

Step 3-Reach Out to Others
While it is perfectly fine to sit and wait for others to contact you, most of the time you are one out of thousands of people just like you. So chances of you being contacted are slim to none on that reason alone. Also, on most dating sites there is a script written into the source code of the website that knows when you are online and being active. This script then tells the site to post your photo in certain places, or not. Meaning the more active you are on the site, the more hits you will get to your profile. A site will not feature you anywhere, not even on the browse list, where the singles can look at people’s profiles and pics, if it detects you aren’t doing anything to help yourself. You simply must be a proactive person to get ahead in life, and on an online dating site those rules are no different.
What you need to do is reach out to others. Chat with others, message them, direct message them. Talk to as many people as you can to keep your profile as active as you can. This will guarantee it is seen as much as possible. It also shows others that you are serious in looking to find a love interest. Who wants to talk to someone who is so uninterested they don’t do anything on the site they signed up for? You did sign up, right? Do something about it!

Step 4-Learn to be a Writer Well, not in the professional sense, anyway. When you sign up for an online dating site, you have to create a profile for people to read, right? So you have to have a command of the English language for the most part, right? Or a command of the main language of the site you are on, anyway. Well, this is also true when you want to chat or direct message someone on the site. You will need to know how to write well so you can say what it is you want to say without looking as if you are uneducated. And as for the content, well again you need to be creative. You need to make these messages stand out from all the others because there will probably be many others along with yours.

What are you supposed to write? Well, for the most part, it si up to you, really. I cannot tell you what to say. What I can tell you is to be honest. You never want to tell someone something that isn’t true because if the day comes along and they want to meet you, you have to figure out how to tell them you lied. No matter what it is. Either that or you will have to keep on lying to keep the original lie going. That can become real difficult after a while. So, while remembering to be creative, tell them about yourself. Tell them what prompted you to write them. Be honest and it will be appreciated, I promise.

Step 5-Keep Going Back You know how when a person signs up for a site online, no matter what it may be, they have a tendency to forget about it after awhile and move on to bigger and better things? Well, when you sign up to a site you want to make sure that when you sign back out, you don’t forget about it. This is for a few reasons. First, it will help in keeping your profile at the top of the list because you are staying active. Second, you never know who has signed up since your last visit.
When you sign up to a site, it doesn’t mean that’s all the singles there are ever going to be. I told you earlier there are more than 20 million hits to online dating sites every month. That means more and more people are signing up for these sites every day, and sometimes signing up for multiple sites. This means if you don’t check back every so often, you may never actually find someone whom you are compatible with. Your one true love could have signed up for the site a few minutes after you signed out-and you may never get to meet that person if you don’t check up once in a while.

Keep Your Head Up
Whatever you do, don’t become discouraged. It is very rare to find someone whom you are compatible with on the first try. Online dating sites sometimes take a lot of work but in the end, if you find someone you want to date and it works out, all the work is worth it, don’t you think?

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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