How to Keep the Magic Alive in a Relationship

Relations Can Sour

Tips on How To Keep it Fresh
You know how it feels when you know you have found the perfect person. And it feels even better when they feel the same way about you, right? Well, the worst thing you can do is let the relationship become stale and stagnant. You want to keep it alive and strong, just like the love you have for each other.

Anyway you look at it, a relationship starts to get stale over the years. Here are a few tips of what to do to keep the magic alive ad the relationship like new-year after year. And you can do these things over and over again, too. Just change them up a bit. Very the order, or change some detail about them, but nevertheless, use them! It doesn’t matter how, just be like Nike and DO It!

Breakfast (Or Lunch or Dinner) in Bed (or at Work)
You get the idea, I’m sure. Breakfast in bed has long been the pinnacle of the relationship that consists of romance and pure love. What is more romantic then one of the pair getting up early and allowing the other sleep in while making breakfast for them? It is one of the most beautiful things int he world fr a few different reasons…

  1. You are cooking for them
  2. They get to sleep late
  3. They get to eat in bed without having to go through the agony of getting out of bed

Wouldn’t you think the same if they did these things for you?

Picnicking-Anywhere Rain or Shine
Having a picnic-a surprise one would be better-is very romantic.. And if your other half happens to be working and works in a place where you can get away with bringing lunch to them, well then you have got one nice and spontaneous afternoon on the horizon. It is a nice change to not have to eat a packed lunch made from home, and they get to see you in the middle of the day too.

Send Flowers (or Lunch, or Another Gift)
It is the unexpectedness of the gesture. But, I would only suggest the guys send flowers, unless you are trying to get the other guys at the office to make fun of your boyfriend, that is.

Write a Poem
While of course this is a bit cliche, it works. What is more romantic (and a nice gesture) than writing something meaningful about your partner? It shows that you care enough to take the time to do something as creative as this. Genius!

Brush up On Those Massage SkillsGo For A Long Moonlit Walk
When two people go for a walk at night, especially is there happens to be a full moon, it is so very romantic looking at the other under just the light of the moon and the stars. They give off a soft glow that makes anyone look radiant!

It’s All How You Look At It
The list doesn’t have to end here! Anything you can think of, any “normal” activity can be turned int something romantic. It all depends on how you look at things. It also depends on what you personally think is a romantic thing to do. Because in the end, even a normal activity can become the most romantic, even erotic, activity in your world. So go… Have fun and keep the relationship alive!

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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  2. Terez Williamson Avatar

    Fantastic article with great tips! My favorite? Getting up early and cooking for your partner so they can sleep and relax! That’s an act of self-sacrifice that defines what true love is all about.

  3. love hate relationships Avatar
    love hate relationships

    I think everyone has unusual ideas on this subject and a lot depends on the age of the respondent. As I have aged, my priorities have varied. I no longer look for anyone to make me happy, I look for fellowship, someone that will work with me for a general destination. Other than that, it is up to yourself to be happy, and until you see to take care of yourself, your only dressing yourself up for heartbreak and pain by looking on others to do that for you. One thing is that a love relationship is to much to charish to be advertising in the first position. Maybe you don’t have the game for her, but if she passions you she will help you with that. Just claim her what am i doing wrong to piss you off and also make sure that every conversation at to the lowest degree one matter is right.

  4. Poyaks Avatar

    These tips are nice. They are effective, but I still think the best way to keep the fire burning in a relationship is to “do new things”. Things that you have never done before, try new things, go to new places. That should do the trick. =)

  5. John Avatar

    My Mum and Dad have just celebrated their 60th Wedding anniversary I always remembering them having a laugh and fun even when there was not a lot of money around and times were tough.

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    Travel Pillow ·

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