Types of Women to Avoid When Dating-Online or Off

How to Avoid Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Online Dating-It Takes All Types
Recently, studies have shown that men date for intimacy-not just or the sexual fulfillment. A Whopping 52% of them. Unbelievably, men really do want to find that perfect person to settle down with. They want the romance that intimacy brings when dating to find that perfect person to spend the rest of their lives with. But, when a man is looking for love online, it is easy to get trapped into a relationship that is not healthy. There are types of women to avoid and ways to tell if a woman is one of them.

The Overly Feministbutchladypg
These type of women can be hurtful. While they are a movement of their own, they believe that men are the cause of everything wrong with the world. They believe that men caused all of the pain and suffering that any woman has ever been through. Feminist women believe they are smarter and more intelligent then a man will ever be. These types of women believe with all of their soul and being that women truly are better than men and can complete a task better than any man could. These women believe that women do things the right way and that men contribute to dumb force of the physical-an d that’s it. These women usually cannot be pleased in any manner, and least of all sexually. Men are good for nothing “moose”. Why would any guy want to be with a women who thinks he’s no good in bed and a woman could do it better than him?

The Gold Digger/Material Girlgd33
These women need the material things. These women will not rest until they have picked your pocket for every last red cent you may (or may not) have. And then once they are done with you, they spit you out and move on to their next victim. It’s not their fault, really, they were raised that way. Either that, or they grew up so much in need of personal material things, like love or clothing-or food even-that it has damaged them for life. Stay away from this type of woman, Unless you like living in debt and owing your life to the bank…

The Hopeless Romanticprincess
This woman is a hopeless story of little miss princess. She lives in a fairy tale of perfect love and Knight in Shining Armour’s and thinks you will sweep her off her feet. The problem is when this woman finds out that life is not at all like it is in the stories, she will blame it on you. It will be your fault because she doesn’t have the perfect life, it will be your fault, there’s never enough money, or happiness, and she shouldn’t have to live like that. Stay away from women like this, or you will be living alone.

The Angry Womanangrywoman
These types of women act very much like the feminist, except they hate men, instead if just thinking they are stupid. For whatever reason, maybe they were abused as a child, they grew up believing men were going to hurt and they grew up hating them. Their hearts are cold and they no longer have any feeling at all towards men, and most times, just like feminists, turn out to be lesbians. A Tell tale sign of these women? Men are nothing but “pigs” “swine” “jerks” and worse. Stay away, unless you like getting beat every night-and not the sexy way…

The Perpetually Insecure
These women always need reassurance, almost to the point where tyou can’t even say they need to wipe a spot off their cheek for fear they will spend the next hour in front of the mirror. It is s psychological problem, so have pity on them. Yes, it is very annoying after a while, they can be the most beautiful woman who has ever walked the planet-after all… They just need to be told that every minute of every day.

With all the time you spend telling her how beautiful she is and reassuring her that the other women are never going to have you, it’s a wonder you even have time to look for her replacement-because if you are with a woman like this, that is what you are going to be doing real soon-looking for a new woman to be with.

The Mysterious, Elusivemysteriouswoman
This woman has tendency to keep a dark side. At first it can be a nice change to be with someone who doesn’t like to talk about themselves all the time, but after a while, it can be frustrating. She will show much interest at first and then she will want to keep her distance. She has been hurt in the past and she knows she is “damaged” which is why she will sabotage the relationship-to keep from “hurting” you. Unless you are into getting hooked and then getting your heart broken, you will want to stay away from these types.

Ms. Desperationromprincess
Otherwise known as “Lets Get Married Tomorrow!” These types don’t care who you are or what you are about. They are running away from someone or something and they think that getting married is the answer to all their problems. In a way, it might, depending on the situation, but in the long run, they will just wind up miserable and mad when they finally figure out they made the wrong decision. Then they will blame their sad existence on you because you didn’t stop the, from doing it. Unless you like Divorce Court, Stay far far away.

The “Have to Have it My Way”property-graphics-_1070775a.jpg (JPEG Image, 150x300 pixels)_1262481711134
The Controller is a woman who is downright nasty and cold, but does it in such a subtle way, it’s actually difficult to tell if it is real or not. This type of woman has to have a say in everything the man does. Including what he wears, who he talks to and when he is allowed to visit the family. But no self respecting ma would ever be caught dead in a situation where the women strips him of his dignity, let alone admit to it, so the man will not care what she does-so long as his friends don’t find out! So, unless you like enabling, leave her alone!

Just Have Fun
In the end, online dating is about finding who you want to be with. What you want. Not what I am telling you. If you happen to fin d someone you like very much and they are like any on the women I describe here, well, by all means go for it! It really is up to you. I just want to warn you as to what life will be like if you happen to get hooked with one of these types. I said, warn-not control you. Do as Thou wilt-Just remember, I warned you!

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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