7 (Mostly) Unknown Secrets of Women-Part 4-Women Don’t Want Candy & FLowers!

Women Do NOT Want Flowers & Chocolates!

I am probably going to get killed for writing this. This are some very powerful words I’ve got here. This is a seven part series on the most unknown secrets of women. And they are not just any secrets, either. They are the secrets about women that most of us women don’t want any man to ever know about.

So why am I posting them? Because I am loyal to my readers as my readers are loyal to me. It’s that simple. Respect for the people I say. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So read on, follow the advice given here and go on to a successful life in dating. That is of course until you find the right one…

Well, Not Really Anyway-Not the Way Men Think We Do
Well, what woman no-Scratch that… What person doesn’t want flowers and chocolates? You know, the old cliche of “The Perfect Gift” to give to women for making up for something gone wrong, or the last minute present when you forgot a birthday or other special date during the year. Well, first of all, it’s not just for women anymore. And second? IT DOESN”T WORK ANYMORE!
They Just Aren’t Good Enough Anymore!
Yup, it’s true. Flowers and chocolates have become so damn mainstream, it’s taken the fun out of getting them as a gift, no matter what the occasion. What used to be the make up gift that calmed the nerves has turned into something so normal, something so common, that getting flowers and chocolates as any gift, let alone to make up for something gone wrong, just doesn’t have it’s usual OOoomph factor.

It’s not just a make up gift, or a special gift anymore. Everyone gives flowers and chocolates for every occasion these days. Anymore, birthdays and graduations, or celebrations of any kind warrant flowers and chocolates as a gift. Hell, people give flowers and chocolates because well, um-Just because!

Blame it On The Recessionb12408
It’s true, flowers and chocolates may not be the cheapest gift in the world, but it does happen to be cheaper than some jewelery like necklaces and rings and more romantic than a gift card. And these days with the recession in full swing, cheap is what everything is all about. Where a dozen of the prettiest flowers (doesn’t have to be roses) costs between $20-$50, it is still cheaper than a night out and/or a diamond ring or diamond necklace. Hell, it’ even cheaper than some silver, depending on where you live! So, because the recession has taken over the minds and the wallets, flowers and chocolates have become the boring, if not mainstream, seen it before; “been-there-done-that” gift.

And we want you to put a little more work into what you get us, too. No matter what the occasion. The flowers and chocolate gifts became boring-no matter how romantic they are-years-no centuries ago. It doesn’t take any effort to call the florist and tell them to deliver. There is no thought to it. No personalization at all. How are you supposed to show us you really love us when you are doing something that’s easier than getting dressed? And just as played out. No. We women don’t want candy and flowers, not when there are so many more things out there that are not only nicer, but more thoughtful and meaning fukl to us as a whole.
What We Really Want
Of course, you must understand that we will never turn down flowers and candy and chocolates. Any guy making any effort at all is sometimes just short of a miracle. Don’t think I, WE don’t get that. I am just saying that if you want to get to a woman’s heart a bit easier and quicker at that-then you need to do something different. Something not thought if very often. You see, us women are sick of the same hings over and over again. We want to know you really care and, while flowers candy and chocolates are nice once in a while, if you really want to get out undivided attention, you have to put your name on it.

What I mean is this. Say it’s getting to the time of the year when you are supposed to be celebrating something like the anniversary of something-maybe your first real date. You will want to do something thoughtful to show her that you understand the little things like that mean something to you. You want to let her know that you think about the past together, as well as the future too. And while I cannot tell you what it is she will want for sure, I can tell you along what lines to think of.

Personalize a Memory
Maybe you had a first date at the movies, like many normal couples would. Was there something about that night that sticks out in your mind? Was there something special that was said, or did she wear something you really likes? Think about one detail that sticks out from the rest and emphasize it. Then plan your gift accordingly. For example, maybe she said something you really liked and remember real well. PersonalizeCardpgYou could get a blank card, you know, the ones with no words on the inside, and write what it was that she said on the inside. And somehow turn it into something you could say to her. Maybe it was a special conversation about where the relationship is going, or she talked about something in her childhood.

Whatever it is take it and run with it. Turn it into something special that no one else would ever be able to do. Anything that is said between the two of you would never be able to be duplicated, so it can be the most romantic things in the world to do to show her you care, and you get brownie points just for listening to her and remembering what she said.

Forever Grateful For You
Just keep i n mind that no matter what it is you get us, we will be grateful, no matter what. I mean, with most guys these days, we are lucky we can get them to remember to take out the garbage, let alone remember a special date like an anniversary or other day. So if it comes down to it and you forgot, or jsut didn’t get around to doing anything… Yes! We will take flowers and candy or chocolates. First of all, it is better than nothing, and it is a little effort on your part to make up for it. How ungrateful do you think we women can be? What are we gonna do, tell you to take them back? Hell no! We would just prefer something not so cliche, is all. And the more personalized you can make it the better.
k0188044Like buying a domain name, for her name, and building the page with a tribute to her and how special she is to you. Name it after her…

Ok, enough of my help… Go get to it guys, Valentine’s Day is coming and before you know it, it will be right around the corner sneaking up on you quicker than you can imagine. Don’t put things off until he last minute and the flowers and candy cliche won’t be needed. Leave it in the closet this year, and I guarantee you will have a better year than if you would have had to use them…

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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