7 (Mostly) Unknown Facts About Women-Part 3

Women Want Sex As Much As Men Do-If Not More!
But It Is A Certain Kind Of Sex We Crave…

No Matter How Much We Pretend Not To Like It
Yes, I am admitting it, and it is absolutely true. Women can be just as much of an animal as men are and sometimes even more so. Believe it or not, women are physical creatures too, as well as human, so we have physical needs as well as men.

Yes, although it is true that most of the time us women will pretend that we don’t need to have sex, or maybe we say it’s not what we think about all the time, but I can honestly say that I don’t know a women in my life who doesn’t crave the physical and emotional closeness that sex with a loving partner brings. I also know that most women will go to almost any lengths to get what she needs from her partner, too.
The One True Difference
There is one gigantic difference between men and women, however. That difference is the feeling and the intent behind the sex. See, for women it is the emotional aspect of the physicality that makes us want it, and for men, it is the physicality aspect of the emotional. Women are basically spiritual and emotional creatures and men are mostly physical creatures.

It takes a perfect balance of the two, the physical and the emotional, the perfect pair of lovers, to make it work. When a women is at her perfect emotional or spiritual state is when she craves sex the most, because she wants, needs the physical other half to complete what she is feeling. When a man is feeling in his perfect physical shape is when he wants sex the most because he needs the close emotional and spiritual comfort to complete himself and what he is feeling.
So, when two people get together and it doesn’t work out on that level, those two people will probably break it off within a few months or o. They are just ot compatible enough for each other to be perfect lovers. But when it does work ad a pair is perfectly compatible, it is the most explosive sexually, emotionally and physically fulfilling experience ever imaginable.

The Truth & What To Do With It
Now that you know the secret of women and sex, it is time to do something about it and use what you have learned. You see, it is not enough just to have the sexual relationship, even though it might be the perfect one. No, the perfect sexually fulfilling relationship, while yes it is explosive and feels perfect on some level, is nothing without the closeness the mind brings as well. Two people can be perfectly compatible sexually, yet be two totally fundamentally different people altogether, and the relationship might not work in spite of being perfect lovers.
So, how is one supposed to know the difference? Well, you actually should be able to tell this one before you get to the sex part, really. Just in these modern times, most people jump in bed before getting to know one another well enough to know anything other than the physical, so that is why I started there. But, please, I am in no way judging anyone-Absolutely not. I too have had my hand in the honey pot and got caught, so to speak. Which is why I speak of it as I do. I have been here.

So what is supposed to happen is two people come together for a reason, such as a friendship, dating, whatever you want to call it, they have commenced a relationship of some kind. These people will normally get to know each other, like and dislikes, who they are as people, on a fundamental, deeper, knowing level. They want to know each other, on a deeper level, so they can see if anything more will be worth the time and patience of waiting for it. And the way to tell if it is? Well, that’s the secret to the whole thing.

It’s Easier Than You Think-Which Makes It So Difficult
Communication. Simply put, this is the one true thing that matters. Communication is the deepest, most fundamental part of a relationship, of any kind. If two people cannot communicate on any level, the future does not look good. Can two people have great, explosive mind blowing sex and not communicate? Of course they can, but that is the kind of relationship that leads to bad break ups and nasty divorce battles. These are the kind of relationships that make it based on the sex alone, and any future based on sex alone is a bleak one at most and usually end within a year or so, no matter how good the sex.

Communication, while it has always been and always will be the key to a great, lasting and meaningful relationship, a couple who communicates well will to make based on the communication alone, either. That is what makes things so difficult. It is a delicate balance, a balance many have a hard time achieving. And that is another reason why so many relationships fail too.
So, how is a couple supposed to balance the two? Well, they cna try to work at it, but for the most part it will come naturally is you let it. I firmly believe that anyone can be with whom they want to be with, as long as you work at it. Destiny or fate, is really what it comes down to. Do you create your own destiny or do you let fate take over?

For example, a couple who has the greatest sex life and are perfectly compatible in that way may not know how or want to communicate on any deeper level. And on the other had, a couple may have the communication thing down, but the sex life might be a bit lacking in the mind blowing department and one of the two always winds up dissatisfied. Both of these situations can be worked on, but it begs the question of if it was meant to be, why do you have to work at it, won’t it come naturally? It also begs the question, well, if we work at it and it works, then why not? u14638440

It IS Really Up To You As A Couple
Fate or Destiny, forced or natural, what it is depends on who you are and how you act as a couple. It is ultimately up to the two of you to decide how to go about making things work, if you do at all. That is one area I can not advise you in, as every situation is different in that respect. All I know is how it happened in my life, and what I learned from it, and that is what I am explaining here.

Women really do love sex as much as men do, just on a different level, for the most part. And once you can see this and put the knowledge to good use, things will tend to low a bit better, for the most part. the delicate balance I speak about? Well, that is what you call live ad learn, life and love. It is one whole package and one can not live without the other, no matter what the situation or what you pretend it might be.
So please, take these words and use them to your advantage. You now know the most fundamental thing about dating that not many people even begin to realize about men, women and relationships in general. And if knowing really si half the battle, then a decision to work on certain parts of a relationship might not be that far fetched in the long run, don’t you think?

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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