7 (Mostly) Unknown Facts About Women-Part 2

The Bad Boy Stereotype is NOT What A Women Really Wants in A Man

I am probably going to get killed for writing this. This are some very powerful words I’ve got here. This is a seven part series on the most unknown secrets of women. And they are not just any secrets, either. They are the secrets about women that most of us women don’t want any man to ever know about.

So why am I posting them? Because I am loyal to my readers as my readers are loyal to me. It’s that simple. Respect for the people I say. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So read on, follow the advice given here and go on to a successful life in dating. That is of course until you find the right one…

Check back every Saturday or Sunday for the next installment of The Secrets of Women Exposed. There will be seven parts altogether. I Promise it’ll be worth your time and the wait!

The “Bad Boy” and the “Confident Man” There is a Difference

The Bad Boy Type-Why Women Love Them?
That’s right guys, there is a difference between a man who is strong and confident and a man who just acts like the “bad boy” stereotype. And yes, it might actually look as if a woman wants to be surrounded by those bad boys, but it just simply is not true. You see, even though it is true that a bad boy is fun to be around, they just get into too much trouble for our liking. Let me explain.

A woman is attracted to a bad boy because of the confidence he has in himself. Also the fact that a bad boy will go about his day as if he doesn’t care much about anything. He just does or says what he wants without thinking about it. An for awhile, this is interesting for us women to see. It is different. It is something that we have not had access to very much in our lives before.

So when the bad boy comes long with his dark and mysterious good looks, his I don’t care attitude and the way he commands we go with him, joined at the hip, we just have to give in. It’s not our fault, we are naturally this way.
Now Here’s the Secret
We think we want the man with the bad boy image and attitude too! You see, the first few times we get together and start dating a bad boy, it is because of the excitement that automatically gets injected into our otherwise boring lives. Day after day, it is a new adventure with a bad boy. Whether it be sneaking into see our favorite movie at the theater or protesting something we stand for, the bad boy usually gets us to do things we normally wouldn’t do.

And that is when we women start to figure out the guy with the bad boy image is not what we really want in a man. No, we women really don’t want to keep getting tickets because we speed without care, we don’t really want to end up in jail-again for the 24th time-just because we refused to pay our dinner bill again and just walked right out and most of all, we certainly do not want to get labeled with the “bad girl” label and not have the future ability to score a decent man in life because of a few dates full of foolishness. Absolutely not.

The Wake Up Call
That is when we realize there are better ways to have fun and experience excitement in our lives. That is also when we realize there are better men to be had too. You see, there is a difference between a bad boy and a confident man, it just takes a little while for us women to figure that out and apply the concept to the real world.
The Confident Man-What the Difference Is
The confident man is a man who knows what he wants and knows how to go about getting it-the right way. A confident man will show a women he is not afraid, just like the bad boy, but he will do it in a sensible, more commanding way. He will do it in a way that shows women he knows what he is doing but still cares enough bout himself-and you-to not have to put himself or you in danger. Let me explain.

As there is no way to fake confidence, the bad boy tries, but the truth finally comes out in the end, the confidence must be real. A confident man knows he is good looking, but will not over do the looking in the mirror, or the attention getting antics because he looks good. Where a bad boy will border on conceit, a confident man just doesn’t have to, and women take notice anyway.
A bad boy will do anything for attention, because he thinks it makes him look good and strong. In reality, a man pining for attention using the tactics of a bad boy is really just acting childish. A confident man will do anything to get what he want,s, but will do it in a calculated, intelligent way that does not get him into trouble with the law.

Things just seem to work out with a man who’s confident. It is almost as because he knows he is confident, he can create the situation he wants. Some women will argue the Law of attraction, but there is no conclusive evidence one way or the other.

Why Confident Men Will Always Win the War
Confident men somehow know how to do all the right things to reel a woman in and keep her right where he wants her. Just remember one thing, however, just because a man is confident and knows what he wants and how to get it, it doesn’t mean that he will take advantage of it. No, a real man would never use what they know they have against a woman in that way. That is what makes them so attractive to women. Because they know they have the tools and the attitude to lure us in, but won’t use them, it gains points with us women.
There is a fine line between confident and controlling, or being a jerk even. The trick is when a man is trying for confidence, it needs to come from within. It cannot be fake, or we women will know it and balk at you. The confidence a man feels comes from years of experience, years of knowledge and years of learning the opposites of what he wants now. Most confident men started out at one point as the bad boy, but they learned eventually the bad boy image won’t get them anywhere quick.

In the End
Relationships are nothing to play with and neither are a person’s feelings. Whenever a man or a women feels they have been played with, it is nevr a good thing. this is something the confident, strong man takes into account, while the bad boy will take it for granted.

The ultimate secret, no matter what you see or hear within the dating world, is to be yourself. There is nothing more attractive in the world than a man who knows himself and what he wants, and that’s it. No fake laugh, no fake dreams of the future and most of all, no fake men.

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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    Brilliant input about men and women. I’m honestly dumbfounded that this has not been alleged before.

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