7 (Mostly) Unknown Facts About Women: Part 1

Women Are Human Too!

Beautiful Faces
Beautiful Faces

I am probably going to get killed for writing this. This are some very powerful words I’ve got here. This is a seven part series on the most unknown secrets of women. And they are not just any secrets, either. They are the secrets about women that most of us women don’t want any man to ever know about.

So why am I posting them? Because I am loyal to my readers as my readers are loyal to me. It’s that simple. Respect for the people I say. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So read on, follow the advice given here and go on to a successful life in dating. That is of course until you find the right one…

Check back every Saturday or Sunday for the next installment of The Secrets of Women Exposed. There will be seven parts altogether. I Promise it’ll be worth your time and the wait!

The Unapproachable Factor


Ok, guys, you know when you see a beautiful woman and you have what might feel like an unnatural need to go up to her and strike up a conversation? Of course you do. Every guy comes across a woman like that sometime or another in their life. The question is, however, do you actually talk to her? Unfortunately, probably not.

The Myth Exposed
See, the thing is, there are two rumors going around about us women. The first? That all beautiful women are bitches. That they are mean, conniving, hateful, catty little bitches. Ask anyone and they will say the same thing. Even most women will agree with me on this point. I have asked other women the same thing and the answer is always the same. Women, especially the beautiful ones who happen to know it, are just plain unapproachable.

And the second? That all beautiful women are taken. This is not always the case either. You see, most guys assume that most women have a guy lurking around somewhere. Even if “he” isn’t around at the time, it’s almost guaranteed that if you ask her on a date, or even try to talk to her, she will reject you on this basis, all just because they are gorgeous.

The Real Truth Explained
The truth is, however, that this simply is not so. In both cases. Sure, there really are some seriously unapproachable women out there, and yes they really do act like the way I described above, but they are NOT the majority. The real truth is most beautiful women probably don’t even have a date for Friday or Saturday night. They are probably just going to stay home and do their hair and nails or something and try to forget about the fact they are dateless again, single and lonely. I know, you are probably saying I’m crazy, right? Let me explain.


You see, for the women who are unattached and very, very beautiful, their beauty in itself is the problem as to why they are unattached. Yes, that’s right. Let me give you an example situation. You see, for whatever reason a woman becomes single, right? Well, she has absolutely no chance in the world finding a date just waiting for a man to ask her out. This is for obvious reasons. Just like I noted above, it has to do with how men view the women. If they are viewed as beautiful yet unattainable, the women will never be approached by a man unless he was dared to do it.

Let me prove my point. How many times have you been in the situation I described in the first part above? How many times have you seen this really awesome woman and wanted to talk to her but couldn’t on the grounds that you thought she was taken (or just plain bitchy)? Be honest about it.] Right… That’s what I thought.

Woman at Home Wishing for Love
Woman at Home Wishing for Love

But you know what? Ask any woman who has to sit home on a weekend because they don’t have a date and they will tell you this. The reason they are sitting home with no date is not because they turned son a whole bunch of guys in favor of a night to herself. Absolutely not! Those kinds of nights happen during the middle of the week when there is nothing happening in the way of a nightlife scene ad the best thing to do is really sit home. . It is because not one single guy has asked her out, or even tried to talk to her, for that matter!

CAUTION! Serious Myth Busting Here!
But why is that? For two reasons.

First, they think the women couldn’t possibly be single, could they? A woman as beautiful as any you have ever seen is sure to have a better half just lurking around in the shadows waiting for someone to try to talk to her. The jealous boyfriend, the huge husband, the guy friend she needs a restraining order against to get any peace… So of course you are not going to approach her. It’s better to live another day lonely than die a horrible death because of a jealous boyfriend/husband/stalker, right?

And reason number 2?
because the men in question are just plain intimidated, that’s why. They are too scared (dishonest with themselves) to admit that they are too scared (fear of rejection) to ask that beautiful woman out on a date. Or even talk to her! That’s right guys, I know what you are thinking, how dare I reveal that to the world? Well, let me tell you something. It’s for your own good, I promise. The longer you pretend that no one notices your fears but you, the longer it will take to get over them! Fear of rejection is common for both sexes, but no one ever thinks a man could be consumed by this fear as much as a woman.

Confidence-Don't Give Up!
Confidence-Don’t Give Up!

The truth is, and many women I know have been in this situation, and, YES they are single! I have a few girlfriends who I hang out with (I’m married so I don’t have to go through this anymore) and all they can talk about is the fact they can’t find any good men. The fact they are sick of men assuming thy are taken just because they are pretty.

I am telling you all this for a reason. So you can DO something! The next chance you get, go see for yourself. How many beautiful single women to you know personally? I bet you if you ask all of them if they have a date for this coming weekend, the majority will tell you no. Then ask them why. And I am sure they will tell you that it is because no one has worked up the courage to ask them out in the first place.

Doing this will actually do triple duty. First, it shows her that you car about her feelings. This works to your advatage because a woman is more likely to say yes to a offer of a date if she knows she can trust you and that you actually care how she feels and what she has to say.

Second, it will allow you to see whether or not she is single and/or has plans for the weekend. This is always good to know in case you like her and are trying to work up the courage to ask her out.

And third, it gives you an opportunity to ask her on a date. I know, it’s kind of sneaky, but what are you supposed o do? Besides, if she is a friend of yours, she already knows you and, unless she has already made it known she wants nothing to do with you, she will probably at least go for a cup of coffee or some lunch with you. You are a friend, after all, and those are the types of things friends do.

And you never know! It is totally possible that she will say yes. The beauty of it all is that when you do talk to her, you are letting her know that you are confident. And every woman loves a man who has the courage to go after what they want. As long as you aren’t arrogant about it, that is.

Guy Talking to Woman on the Street
Guy Talking to Woman on the Street

So the next time you see an extremely beautiful woman walking down the street, or in a store, or anywhere and she is alone, talk to her. Say hello and introduce yourself and don’t be forceful. It shows her you have what it takes to be that guy who broke through and you might just end up on the other side of the glass looking out. And it is a great feeling.

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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