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Online Dating: Not A Game Anymore

What Women Really Want To See

Online Dating
Online Dating

What Dating Online Really Means
Although for some men and women, online dating is a game and these people actually believe that to be fact. but what these people need to remember is, dating is not a contest. It is people’s lives you are playing with when you are fishing around on an online dating site looking for someone to play with.

But really, there are no bets to be placed and no one wins anything, unless of course you happen to be one of those guys whose machismo runs your life and life itself is all about winning in your own mind. And if you do happen to be one of those guys, GROW UP! Get with the program as it is the 21st century and it is an equal world. You are, I hope an adult and, most likely, have been for a while now. Your behavior is going to be your best selling point when it comes to finding someone online. Your writing will give you away if you tend to act like a child in real life.

To get ahead in the online dating world you will need to have confidence, not only say it but actually be confident. Don’t dwell on the things that make up the attributes of your perfect dream woman. You know, that perfect person everyone wants to get their hands on…

Have Some Confidence
Have Some Confidence

So What Are Women Really Looking For?
What exactly is it that women want? Well, many things really but if we as women had to settle on just a few, there are two attributes that stand out above the rest. There is something to be said about certain behaviors and attitudes. These behaviors and attitudes are what will ultimately draw a woman to you.

Confidence and Communication Skills. That’s it, the two things that will make or break a relationship before it even starts. The two things a woman can tell from reading a profile if you have them or not. Because if you really do, it will be felt by her reading it. If you are faking it just to try to “get the girl,” so to speak, she will feel that to. All just by reading. Call it woman’s intuition, I suppose.

You see, if a woman wanted an arrogant jack @ss, she would go to the nearest hole in the wall testosterone filled bar she could find and those types would be there in droves. She comes to online dating sites so she can maybe find a real man who doesn’t want to be labeled and seen as one of these jack @sses. A woman wants a man to exude confidence-not jerkiness.
The difference is huge but not many men realize this. You, being the man that you are, need to know and like yourself to not come off as negative or self depreciating. You know what I mean, you hate when women do it, so why shouldn’t women hate that behavior just the same? But don’t go overboard either, becoming the arrogant jerk no woman can bear to be with in the same room together, let alone in a committed relationship.

You are not God’s gift-if you were, you wouldn’t need an online dating service to help you out, now would you? If you show just he right amount of confidence and show that you are in touch with yourself, it will show in the profile and women will be able to sense that you are not just another bullsh&^% man looking to get laid.

The Great Communicator
Are you the strong silent type? If you are, forget about ever finding the woman of your dreams, unless you are looking for a woman who likes a man to stay inside himself and ignore her… Nope, not gonna happen in a million years. So I’ll tell you what…

Women want a man who knows how to communicate and how to do it well. If you are the silent type, or will talk but only after pulling your teeth out, or have to be “forced” in some other way women will begin to think you don’t care what they have to say and therefore don’t care about them as a person and only care about getting laid. (a little peek into the psyche of what a woman’s tain of thought looks like)

They are also going to start thinking that you are never going to have anything intelligent to say. Men have a hard enough time not coming off as the dumb jock type that has to pay other people to do their homework for them. So you will need to be able to hold a decent conversation, at least somewhat intelligently, making women want to gt to know you better. If a man can’t communicate well, there is no point in trying for any kind of relationship, because without meaningful conversation, the relationship like that will get boring really fast.

It Will Get Easier
I the end, with all the different moves you make and all the rules you need to follow, online dating can seem like a game. But, in reality, it is not a contest at all. It is more like a politically correct dance with many complicated moves and beats to step to.

It will do a man good to realize that women do not want to be “won” like some kind of prize or represent a trophy for your bed post. What women want is a man who knows himself and is not afraid to show it. A woman wants a confident and intelligent man to have decent conversation with, otherwise, life will just be one big boring never-ending dreamlike state.

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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