Love for the Holiday’s

You Never Have to Spend the Holiday’s Alone Again

Lovestamp for the holiday's
Lovestamp for the holiday’s

I would like you all to know that I have been through this. I know what both sides of the equation feels like. I do not want anyone else to have to suffer, which is why I write. So please… Read on…

Why Did You in The First Place?
Well, it’s that time of year again. The holiday’s are creeping up on us real quickly. It almost seems as if the year passed as quick as a bolt of lightening turns sand to glass. It feels like it’s only been a month or so since you promised yourself you would never again spend this time of year alone. But, no. A year has passed and here you are again. It’s this time of the year and you are alone. Again…

So what now?
Do you just sit through another few weeks, or months even, feeling depressed and lonely because all your friends are hitched? Do you go to all the parties and pretend to be ok when you are so hurt inside that you just want to go to bed, crawl under the covers and never come out? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t. I didn’t. And I think you don’t want to either, and that’s why you are here. So what are you supposed to do?

First Things First
The first thing you need to do is make a list of priorities. For example, what is it you want? Do you just want a new friendship to get you through the weeks? Or do you want to look for someone who you might want to consider spending your life with? Or maybe a little of both? No matter what it is you want, you need to know before you look. Because if you go looking somewhere for love when it’s not really in your heart, you are going to end up hurting someone who you gave the wrong impression to. Not only do you need to now, but you need to take action too.

For example… You are out at a bar (or the movies or wherever you happen to be) and you meet someone you think you may have gotten the eye from. The two of you start talking and you wind up going out a few times. He might start catching some feelings for you. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but without knowing where your head is in the relationship, you didn’t actually tell him that. So you could wind up stinging him along when all you wanted was a friendship. It might only be, for lack of a better word, a fling in your mind. Of course it wasn’t your intention to string him along, but because you didn’t ake actio in the beginning. how would feel if you met a guy and started catching feelings for him, just to find out he just wnted to be friends with benefits. He then winds up leaving because you got too attached. But it’s not your fault, he didn’t tell you anything. Rule to live by? Do unto others, right?

Then what? You Understand Your wants and Needs, So Now What?
Now is the fun part. Go make some connections! Go to where you always go. Or don’t. It’s really up to you. Just keep remembering your priorities and you will find that in the end it was easier than you thought.

Go make new friends, meet new people. Check out a few dating sites, just for a change of pace. Six Singles is one of the newer ones. Yeah, it might still be somewhat under construction, but its still a nice one. I have an account with them. And I have found quite a few guys (and girls) I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. Not for romance, just to hang out. There are great people on the site, from all over the world and you are sure to find someone just to talk to. Men or women. And the best part? it’s free. So what other reason could you possibly need? You know what you want, and now you know where to get what you want.

I found my love just like this. And you know what? I looked for years. Then I gave up and just started looking for friends. Just someone to talk to and spend the holidays with so I wouldn’t have to be alone. And that’s when the Love of my Life fell into my lap. And now I will never be alone again.

So Why Are You Sill Reading This?

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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