Tips to Tell if He is Really Into Being With You-Part 3

Or Will He Just Love You and Run?


Does He Pressure You for Sex? Does He Get Upset if You Say “No”?
This is the most important thing you need to ask yourself about a man, IMHO. A man, any man, who pressures you for sex, whether or not he gets mad, if you say that particular (dreaded) two letter word no man wants to hear, whether you’ve been together for a year or a day. This isn’t the type of man any woman needs to be with. Think about this for a minute… I mean really think.

Do you really, one day in the future, want to wake up and realize that he never actually cared in the first place? Whether he stays for the long haul, or dumps you after a week, a man of this sort will most likely either cheat, or cheat. If a man pressures a woman into having sex with them, at any stage of the relationship, it is obvious they are only there FOR the sex.

And for the women out there who are with the particular type of men who have the B***s to get upset if you say no… You do realize a man with that kind of attitude is not one to wait around until you so say yes, right? In all likelihood he will probably cheat too. Or, maybe at one point, will try to force you into sleeping with him. Long story short, any man who tries to pressure you into having sex with them just isn’t worth the time.

Imagine this situation. It’s early in the relationship and things start heating up between the two of you. You feel you are not ready to make the kind of commitment it takes to give up that part of yourself just yet, even though you care about him, you would like to wait a bit longer. And you convey these feelings to your man.

He gets upset about it and start pressuring you constantly, stating things like “If you love me you would,” “If you want to be with me you would,” or “I’ll find someone else if you don’t.” So in fear of losing him, you give in. And probably feel your dignity slipping away at the same time. Please believe me when I say, I understand what this feels like…I have been there too…

Then you find yourself having to deal with a 2 year old’s tantrum EVERY time you try to say no. And that’s exactly what he is at that point. He knows that you gave into him once, so he acts like a child until you give into him again.

But don’t take these words as saying that it’s your fault he acts like this-it’s not your fault. This type of man always acts this way. He is spoiled and he was probably raised that way.

So, if you find your self in this situation, get rid of him. If you wanted to have kids with temper tantrums, you would’ve had them (or do already and don’t need more) and you wouldn’t be looking for a man like this in the first place.

And for all you women out there who don’t give in, or haven’t yet slept with him yet, even though he pushed you (or tries to) almost to the brink of madness… Good for you! Don’t. Not until you feel you are ready. It is probably one of the best thing you can do for yourself. Even if you are willing to put up with the crap a spoiled man can dish out, you shouldn’t have to give up your dignity just for a relationship. More power to you girl!

Check back tomorrow and I will tell you the next thing to look for in a guy’s signals. They can really be telling, as long as you know what to look for. Even if they are quite secretive about what they mean. You simply must keep this in mind before you make any snap judgments…

If anyone has any questions, or comments, leave them below, and I will try to answer them the best I can.

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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  1. Coy Benedith Avatar
    Coy Benedith

    Hey everyone, greetings from Los Angeles, USA. This is a nice site. Does anyone have any advice on staying out of the friend zone with women? Honestly I’m sick of girls telling me they just want to be friends. Maybe I’m being too much of a nice guy?

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