Tips to Tell if He is Really Into Being With You-Part 2

Or Will He Just Love You and Run?


This is a series on how to tell if the man you are with really wants to be with you, or if he is just there for ulterior motives. Yes, he may be into you and just not know how to express how he feels to you, so you are here reading this to learn to read his signals. And believe me, there are many signals a man gives off when he cares and also when all he wants is another notch on the belt around his waist. They are not what you would expect either…

That being said, I would like you all to know that I have been through this. I know what both sides of the equation feels like. I do not want anyone else to have to suffer, which is why I write. So please… Read on…

Have You Met His Friends or His Family Yet?
What? You haven’t? Dump him. Especially if you have asked him repeatedly to meet them. I mean, if you two are going to be spending a good deal of time together, than you ought to get to know the family and friends, right? It’s only logical, right?

Well, of course it is logical. To you, anyway. But to him, introducing him to his friends and family would mean that’s he’s emotionally vested in the relationship. Even if it is just the guy’s definition of “emotionally vested.” See, what this means, to many men, is that he no longer gets to do what he wants. It almost borders on commitment issues. By introducing you to the people he cares about the most, he is making that commitment to you. He’s probably scared sh***ess.

Now, Keep This Information in Mind and Keep Reading
The only times it is acceptable to not have met his friends and family just yet is if you have just recently gotten together, say in the past two weeks or so, or if you are in a long distance or an online relationship of some sort. But if that’s the case, why on Earth would you be thinking of hitching with him already? Slow down girl! I know love at first site does exist, but if you are reading this, than it probably doesn’t exist for you just yet… Think about it.

Anyway… When a guy doesn’t want you to meet anyone he cares about, it’s usually because he doesn’t want them to get too attached to you, not the other way around. Think about it. Why is he going to introduce you to them if he knows it’s not going to last?

If he’s not too into being with you, he’s sure as Hell not going to introduce you to the pack and let them get emotionally attached. He doesn’t want to hurt them. And why should he? They are the Guys… A man always must protect the interests of the Guys,. It’s like, a man code, or law, or something.

Now For the Flip Side
This is going to be very sweet and to the point. If you have already met the family, do you know what that means? You’re In! He has made that commitment to you and the relationship. Because he cares for you, he is allowing you into the part of his life in which you would be able to hurt him the most. And that is with the people he cares about. And he obviously cares for you. Go Girl!

After reading all this information and knowing the deep dark secrets of a man’s mind… Ask him to meet the family. Or the friends. But first, ask yourself this… Are you sure you want to know his answer? But no matter what he does say, just remember the signaling clues. How exactly did he respond?

Most important, make the choice that feels right to you. Use your instincts. In any situation your first instincts are usually the only ones that matter. They are almost always the right choice.

Check back tomorrow and I will tell you the next thing to look for in a guy’s signals. They can really be telling, as long as you know what to look for. Even if they are quite secretive about what they mean. You simply must keep this in mind before you make any snap judgments…

If anyone has any questions, or comments, leave them below, and I will try to answer them the best I can.

~Never Give Up Hope-When All Else is Lost, Hope is All We Have Left~

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