What NOT To Do Before a First Date

Three Practical Tips To Make It to the First Date

What Not To Do Before Hand
We have all been there. We are about to hook up for the first date with that one special person we have been waiting forever for. There are so many feelings we have, and so many things we want to do. Then there are the things NOT to do. The things that can ruin what could’ve been the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Jinx #1-Do Not Talk About Your Date

No Gossiping before your date!
No Gossiping before your date!

Never talk about the person you are about to go on a date with, either about where you might be going, or with whom you are going with. And most importantly, NEVER under any circumstances, talk about the person as if you know them. Even if you do know them. Even if they happen to be a friend of yours for 20 years. Don’t do it. I know you mean well and are excited, but it is just bad form to be gossiping about anything having to do with the first date before it happens.

Think about this. What if your date hears something that they heard from someone that they heard from someone? It can get all mashed up, kind of like playing telephone, and your date can get 100% wrong info. And that makes you look bad. No, it can make you look desperate and, depending on what it was that your date actually heard, it can make you look like the type of person they don’t want to be with. And-BAM-Date canceled. BE QUIET!

Jinx #2-Step Away Form Your PC (or MAC)

Be a Saint-
Be a Saint-

Yes, in the days where information is power, this is the one time you should forget how to use Google. Whatever you do never and I mean NEVER Google the person you are about to go on a date with. First, this can break the trust barrier before it even begins to build. Second, it can cause you to get a wrong opinion about your date because of some wrong information you might have ran into on the internet. Or something may be taken out of context and you might start to judge the person before you get to know the real them.

And think about this… Would you want your date to do it to you? I didn’t think so. So please, for date’s sake, forget Google and read a book. It can be safer sometimes.

Jinx #3-Don’t Listen to Other People’s Opinion If They Tell You Negative Info About Your Date
Example-Your best friend hears you are about to go on a date with this person, who happens to be their ex-whatever. But you don’t know it. You take their advice when they tell you not to go. And then you don’t. Then you meet up with the person in a few weeks and the two of them are together. Now what? You are screwed that’s what. Nothing you can do about it now.

They could tell you something that is totally not true. They might be out to get the other person for whatever reason or they might be out to get you. You never know what lengths people will go to these days to get revenge on someone, or to help themselves for that matter. And date bashing is one of the easiest things to do.

So what to do? Make your own judgments. Unless of course they are telling you that your date raped someone or did something horrible. In this case it might be the one exception to the no Google rule. Safety comes first of course.

And The Verdict Is?
When you are about to go on a first date, almost surely anxiety tries to take over. You are going to do whatever it takes to make it easier to handle the first night. You are going to follow your instincts. DON”T! it could actually make a great first date turn into a non-existent one. how are you ever going to find love that way?

Never Give Up Hope-When All Else Is Lost, Hope Is All We Have Left

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